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Everyone you know is either traveling or wants to travel so why not turn that into an income opportunity. The Certified Travel Consultant Training is an on-line travel career education center for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a travel consultant or establishing a home-based travel agency. Training is provided by Xstream Travel.

Home-based Travel Consultants are the fastest growing segment of the travel agent community. Now is the time to start your own home-based travel business and enjoy the opportunities a career in travel can bring you. Selling travel is fun, exciting and rewarding. Spend your day traveling the world while helping your clients plan a vacation of their dreams! Training is very important if you want to pursue your own travel business. Just like any field, you must learn the intricate details of what we do as travel consultants, so you can provide the best service to your future customers.

Our online travel consultant course concentrates on resort vacations, cruise vacations plus car, hotel, rail and custom tour packages. Starting part-time or full time, the Home-Based Travel Business is an excellent way to earn income for your family and give you access to some exciting travel opportunities, Learn how to start a travel business and create a schedule that works best for you. Depending on how much time you devote to selling travel will determine the income you can create. Earn a little or earn a lot... just like any business venture... it all depends on your time and effort! Selling travel can be fun, exciting, rewarding and has the best tax advantages of any home based business.

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Xstream Travel opens the door for you to earn on business travel.

Millions of executives travel weekly and in today's world, a smart company wants the best pricing and support. Any company that does 500 thousand or more in annual travel can earn you great commission while we do the work. Once you find a company that does a large amount of corporate travel, fill out the referral sheet and let our business travel department do the rest.

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